Got sales skills? Have you been making sales happen in your organization and helping to grow someone else’s business? Why not put that sales experience to work for yourself. In this article, we review how you can use your prior sales experience to start a business and why a franchise model, like Money Mailer, is such a great choice for people with past sales experience.

When it comes to starting your own business, most entrepreneurs are often so passionate about their new ventures that they exude a high voltage energy that creates interest in their products and services, through their willingness to reach out to investors, suppliers, and potential customers. However, in addition to all this confidence and energy, entrepreneurs also deal with a lot and wear many hats when starting their own business from scratch. From performing endless administrative tasks, such as applying for permits and licenses, to constantly cold calling potential clients, and getting frequent “no, not interested” responses, to brainstorming about how to beat out their competition, addressing their clients’ concerns, new business owners are always selling some aspect of their businesses or another. Given that:

  • 20% of businesses fail within a year
  • About half fail by year five
  • 70% of businesses close within a decade,

starting a business from scratch seems like a fairly risky proposition. However, when you choose a trusted, time-honored, turnkey franchise business, such as Money Mailer, you can get right to work, using your selling skills to start your own business. Our franchise model allows you to use your sales skills to establish and grow your own local marketing business. Great sales skills can go a long way in helping you grow your own Money Mailer franchise. Here are some ways that your already-developed sales skills will help you grow your new Money Mailer franchise! 


In order to get your marketing business running, you need clients. Besides calling the targeted leads in your area, you can stop into businesses you would like to work with and meet the owners. When you connect with local business owners, face-to-face, you can strike up conversations that might turn into an organic sales presentation of your print and digital marketing ideas for these businesses. Joining local business groups can also allow you to use your sales experience to shine a light on your Money Mailer business in group meetings, networking events, and in presentations. The more engaging and informative your presentation, or a conversation with a potential client at a networking event, the more potential clients will remember your brand.  


Part of any effective sales presentation involves knowing your subject matter thoroughly. Whether you work best with numbers and statistics or anecdotal references, you can connect with your potential clients, by showing them how you’ve helped other businesses increase their bottom lines and continue to grow their brands through advances in printing technology and the power that print and digital marketing have when used together, as one of the most effective marketing strategies in the local advertising industry. A creative approach can also be motivating when working with clients, problem solving, and attracting new audiences for your clients.


According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “creativity is one of the top problem-solving tools a business owner can have.” As a Money Mailer franchise owner, you can use your sales experience to differentiate your business so that it stands out from your competition. You can focus on ideas for your client’s latest marketing campaign because the Money Mailer model takes the complications of running things on the backend, while you take care of showing your clients how to drive customers to their businesses. You can create unique marketing strategies that grab consumers’ attention or come up with a marketing strategy that breaks conventional barriers, appealing to new audiences for your clients. You can use your creativity tactfully, yet persuasively to resolve clients’ objections or concerns. Money Mailer positions you as the go-to resource for direct mail marketing and integrating your clients’ advertising across digital and print campaigns.


When you believe in the product or service you’re promoting, it is easy to sell it. As a Money Mailer franchisee, you join a team of like-minded franchise owners who can help work through any startup questions you may have, as you become a part of the thriving direct mail industry. Your confidence as a business owner will contribute to the success of other small businesses throughout your neighborhood, as you work alongside them to become their one-stop marketing shop and build long-lasting relationships with local business owners.

Building relationships

You know from experience that sales are all about building and maintaining relationships, but really that can be said for any industry! Relationships are the key to success, and you know how to manage them. Your prospects as a go-to local marketing professional will be somewhat limited if you don’t reach out to meet the business owners in your area. These businesses could seriously benefit from the combination of shared envelope and digital advertising methods that Money Mailer offers, but if your potential customers don’t know you, how can they develop trust in you? Building relationships involves taking your business image wherever your clients might be. That could mean a lot of things, such as sponsoring a sporting event, supporting local causes, mingling at local business events, meeting as many local business owners as you can, and getting your business noticed in many other ways. Going further, your potential customers will respond to you if you work with them to give them exactly what they need, and sincerely listen to them, when concerns arise. When local business owners decide to give Money Mailer a try and see the positive effects of offering exclusive deals and coupons to their target audiences, your sales experience will start to pay off, as you gain the trust and acceptance of the local business community, as a respected part of the local business landscape.

Money Mailer puts your sales skills to work in a turnkey solution that sets you up for success as a business owner and franchise partner! With 40 years in the direct mail advertising industry, Money Mailer takes the guesswork out of your reliable, effective, and affordable direct mail and digital advertising career, as a Money Mailer franchise owner that local businesses can count on for all of their marketing and advertising needs.