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Step 1: Why Invest in a Money Mailer Marketing Franchise?


We have re-invented marketing for local businesses with a turnkey marketing system that does everything for the local merchant on a multi-media platform: Direct Mail, Internet,  and Social Media.


Powerful Strategic Advantage

This is the only national franchise laser-focused on local, neighborhood businesses. Local is the Holy Grail of marketing and our “hyper-local” marketing solutions
help businesses reach their best prospects at home in the mail, on mobile devices, social media and the Internet all for literally pennies-per-household.


Amazing Launch Package

New GPS launch program has been called “revolutionary.” GPS is a 2-year training, support and launch package that includes substantial cost credits to minimize the financial stress of business startup. With GPS you’ve got the “fastest route from employment to ownership” with no royalties for your first 2 years!


Unrivaled Training & Support

Start your training with one week at MM University. Then spend 4 weeks at our company operation in a “real world” sales territory applying technology-driven systems for success. You emerge “battle tested” and ready to spend 2 weeks working hand-in-glove with your personal Coach in your territory – nothing is left to chance!


Home-Office Based, B2B Model

This is an owner/operator model. Low cost franchise opportunity, no storefront or inventory required. Work with clients in your community and call on decision makers, not committees. You establish your own local market pricing and never have to “check with the boss” to close a deal.


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“Every day I have the freedom to choose who I partner with, how hard I work and how much money I make. ” Jane Massey Franchisee Since 2003

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