Why Money Mailer?

Take a drive around your town and count the number of small and medium-sized businesses that depend on direct mail to deliver ads, coupons, and special offers to the homes of their customers. You might be surprised at how many you discover.

Direct mail is a thriving industry. Spending on direct mail accounts for the largest portion of U.S. local advertising and the market size of the direct mail advertising industry, measured by revenue, was $10.3 billion in 2022. Money Mailer franchisees seize on the opportunity direct mail offers and benefit from an immediately recognizable brand, a successful business model that comes with a proven track record of more than 44 years, a comprehensive training program, and expert technical support.

Money Mailer is committed to your success and you’ll enjoy unique competitive advantages that other franchisors don’t provide. We handle the entire backend of your business, including ad creation, production, and mailing. You leverage our quality and ability to coordinate print and digital strategies using innovative equipment and technologies your competitors don’t have to deliver great results and grow your business. Because you work from home, there’s no retail space rental leases necessary, equipment to purchase, or staff to hire. We have every incentive to give you the support and technology to succeed and make you profitable faster!

Money Mailer is a business with a purpose: helping other businesses grow. We’re here to help you succeed whether you are a seasoned local advertising salesperson or not.

Top Six Reasons to Own a Money Mailer Franchise

  • Low initial all-in investment of $59,900 – no other upfront fees to Money Mailer.
  • $50,000 sales incentive paid in Year 1 – realistic, achievable – request details!
  • 4 weeks of in-territory customer acquisition support with Regional Sales Manager.
  • Low flat rate royalty fee per mailing, NOT a % of your sales.
  • Extensive lead generation, appointment setting.
  • Work from home – ditch the commute and operate your franchise with low overhead expense

Money Mailer targets America’s best consumers with data-driven targeting that optimizes the impact of your clients’ advertising reach. We analyze and carve out specific mailing zones comprised of households whose behaviors indicate they value and use print coupons, shop and dine locally, and support local businesses. When you talk to other Money Mailer franchisees, and we strongly suggest you do, you’ll learn that our innovative approach to local business marketing makes us one of the most appealing home-based franchises you can invest in.

We take our responsibility to help you enjoy the life you’ve always imagined seriously. If you’re ready to make your commitment to us, you can realize your dreams in an industry with high success rates and unlimited opportunity to grow, because we’ll return that commitment to you by providing proven support, innovative technology, and aways-available guidance. Our marketing-savvy entrepreneurs, some with multiple Money Mailer franchises, are building a profitable business and creating a life on their terms. If you’d like to join them, please get in touch with us.