Who’d Be a Good Fit for Our B2B Franchise Opportunity?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ model for a successful Money Mailer franchisee. Sales experience doesn’t hurt, but it’s not required. Money Mailer is looking for franchisees who understand the importance of relationship building. In fact, only a small majority of our franchisees have any sort of print or marketing industry-related experience. Rather, some of our most successful franchisees began their relationship with Money Mailer from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and varying levels of formal education. We believe success as a franchisee is more about having the “DNA” effective salespeople have, like enjoying meeting new people, helping clients grow, and a commitment to succeeding.

We’re confident that we have the tools, training, and experience to help the right candidate succeed and prosper with their Money Mailer franchise. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know franchise owners, and although each is unique, we’ve found the following qualities to be common among the most successful:

Enthusiasm for learning and deploying our proven business model

Delight in engaging and interacting with business owners

Highly principled, treating all with integrity, dignity, and respect

Driven to create value for their customers

Motivated to work hard to make their dreams come true

A problem solver

Building Relationships in Your Local Market

Money Mailer’s focus is on hyper-local businesses who recognize the need to get their message out to their communities. Our home-based franchise model means you get to live and work in the same communities as your customers, building strong relationships. Each of our franchisees acts as a full-service Ad Agency/Marketing Consultant for small businesses with affordable and fully integrated digital and print marketing programs. Money Mailer is a business with a purpose: helping other businesses grow.

Learn More About the Money Mailer Opportunity

Money Mailer provides continuing training and support programs that are designed to set your franchise up for success and make the transition to entrepreneurship a smooth one. Money Mailer offers training and support in all areas of the business from sales, marketing, technology, and more. Our marketing-savvy entrepreneurs help grow local businesses, sometimes with multiple Money Mailer franchises, while they build a profitable business and create a life of their own.