Low startup costs and low overhead

One of the advantages of opening a Money Mailer home-based B2B marketing franchise is that very little overhead is required.  That means your startup costs are likely far less than you may think.

How we make it easier to start your own business

While we require that you pay an upfront franchise fee of $59,900, we work with several independent funding organizations to assist you with your financial needs.  Our onboarding includes high quality, professional training, support and a financial incentive program called “Speed Launch” which is designed to get your business up-and-running quickly and effectively.  With our Speed Launch system, you’ll receive 4-weeks of virtual and in-field training that will immerse you in your local territory.  You’re supported by a dedicated trainer– a customer acquisition expert!  Your trainer helps you “master” the model and will assist you in acquiring a solid base of repeat clients.  You also have a dedicated, internal Customer Service Representative to make sure every mailing cycle runs smoothly.  In addition, you are supported by a team of graphic designers who will create compelling ads with offers that result in monthly repeat business.

Our initial launch program is focused on the fundamentals you need to succeed in our business and include exciting incentives to help accelerate your progress. To further cement your success as a Money Mailer franchise, your trainer will assume personal accountability for your performance during the entire term of your franchise agreement.

We provide lead generation support!

As a new franchisee, building your book of business is a priority, so we’re committed to helping you get started.  As part of our Speed Launch program, we provide you with prospects!  A database of qualified contacts will be uploaded into your cloud-based CRM prospecting system for “instant” connection!  In addition to your own efforts, we have an internal appointment-setting service to supplement your efforts.

We provide a $5,000 allowance to help accelerate lead generation as you start your business. Use these funds for telemarketing, advertising, networking, or other approved lead generation sources.

While our focus is local, neighborhood business, you’ll also have the opportunity to capture large regional chains.  To help you acquire more of these chains, a large account resource team is in place to help you prepare account-specific data analytics, build effective spec artwork, create custom mapping and generate a powerful presentation to assist you with your sales call.  We make the process easy for you so that you can spend less time on the details and more time with your clients.

Learn More About the Money Mailer Opportunity

Our marketing-savvy entrepreneurs are already helping grow local businesses, sometimes with multiple Money Mailer franchises, while they build a profitable business and create a life of their own. If you’d like to join them, get in touch with us!