As of 2023, the local advertising market stands as a $165.7 billion industry and is growing every year. The local advertising and marketing space is evolving as consumers continue to clamor for local goods and services. As technology is escalating automation, improving data-driven analytics, as well as evolving printing techniques, and bringing more functionality to social media platforms, the shopping journey has been significantly impacted. In a growing trend, consumers are more interested in buying locally sourced products, so local businesses are looking for efficient and affordable ways to advertise their goods and services.

Money Mailer Franchise

Local marketing & advertising franchise, Money Mailer provides franchisees with unique local advertising opportunities, based on delivering local advertisers’ messages directly to consumers’ homes in print, online, and via our mobile app. A trusted brand by both consumers and advertisers, for 45 years, Money Mailer’s franchisees work in their local communities to help local businesses grow their brands while growing their businesses.

While the digital marketing trend is growing, a combination of direct mail and digital elements offers more personalized messages to consumers. Direct mail is still a contender in advertising, for several reasons:

  • The latest research shows that 57% of boomers, 45% of GenX, 41% of millennials, and 37% of GenZ would be disappointed if they stopped getting physical mail.
  • Over 91% of promo mail is read and opened.
  • Direct mail receives the highest ROI of 112% across all mediums, followed by SMS (102%), email (93%), paid search (88%).

If helping local businesses advertise to grow their businesses piques your passions, a marketing and advertising franchise, like Money Mailer might be the right fit for you. Here’s 5 reasons why!

1. Low Initial Investment

As far as franchises go, with a local marketing & advertising franchise, such as Money Mailer, the low initial investment makes these franchise opportunities more viable than other pricier options, at around $60,000. With our generous launch package, franchisees have the opportunity to recoup part of or all of their initial investment within the first year.

  • Our franchisees average an annual profit of $138,636,
  • Our top 25% of franchisees average an annual profit of $309,871

Another reason that a local marketing and advertising franchise might be right for you focuses on the low overhead of these businesses, with the opportunity to work from home. 

2. Low Overhead/Work From Home

You can get your Money Mailer franchise up and running in a short amount of time, because of the low overhead of local marketing & advertising businesses, there’s no need to:

  • Purchase an inventory of products, such as a restaurant franchise might require new partners to do
  • Purchase or lease vehicles, such as trucks and moving equipment, as moving franchise owners and junk hauling franchise owners might need to invest in to get their moving or junk hauling business up and running.
  • Hire and train staff in order to achieve success in your day-to-day business, such as restaurants and moving franchises are required to do. Of course, this doesn’t mean you might not wish to hire qualified people to help you out as your Money Mailer franchise grows
  • Lease a commercial space, or office, or lease a warehouse for storage purposes.

In fact, Money Mailer franchisees can run their agencies from the comfort of their own homes, with our stable model that’s been proven to give you the tools you need to build and expand your local advertising and marketing business.

3. Set Your Own Schedule

Local marketing & advertising franchises, such as Money Mailer offer turnkey opportunities that will have your direct mail business up and running in far less time than it takes to start a marketing agency from scratch. This includes comprehensive training for new partners that provides a proven system of marketing and advertising strategies with solutions tailored to your local business clients’ various needs in growing their brands. These solutions include working with a hybrid of digital and traditional advertising media, including direct mail that’s the advertising method that the majority of consumers prefer.

That said, you can set your own work schedule; with the flexibility in your life to enjoy a healthy work/life balance. You will need to decide when and how to grow your community of business clients, helped by the backing of a known brand and a proven franchise model. Whether that means visiting potential clients at their businesses or networking with them at social events and community gatherings, or joining a local merchants association, you will soon be able to determine what works for your clients and how to meet and exceed their expectations and yours.

4. Live and work in the business communities you serve

Getting to know the businesses in your community allows local marketing & advertising franchise owners to connect with the local business community they live in and develop relationships that will extend to the community at large. Building the right relationships with business owners can only expand your marketing business, as your clients refer other local business owners to you, and you refer other people you know in the community to your clients’ businesses. Helping grow your local businesses is a win-win for your marketing business and your clients’. If working with local business owners to offer consumers exclusive savings on the products and services they know and love motivates you, then a local advertising & marketing franchise might be an excellent fit for you.

5. Rewarding and creative career

If you enjoy meeting new people, specifically local business owners and offering them a one-stop solution for all of their advertising needs, Money Mailer might be the right fit for you. As a Money Mailer franchise owner, you will work with local business owners to offer exclusive deals and bargains to consumers in your local area. Money Mailer takes the guesswork out of direct mail and digital marketing campaigns, with digital tools that expand the reach of print products. We will send you proofs to sign off on and automate your printing and mailing operations, via a direct mailing system we set up for you. Then it’s off to the races to get your ads in your customers’ hands, in as little time as possible. Additionally, in order to connect your print ads to your digital presence, our mobile app displays your clients’ ads and offers on their customers’ mobile phones. We also create a business page for your clients that attracts more business to your clients’ websites and improves their Google rankings, as well.

If this is your year to invest in yourself with a new, exciting and rewarding career, consider Money Mailer, a leader in local advertising & marketing franchises, with 45 years of experience in the local marketing & advertising industry. A Money Mailer franchise can be the key to starting your year out right! Do you want to grow your own business and be your own boss? Contact Money Mailer: Marketing done right!