Why Us?


Why Our Business Works?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked by franchise candidates. Others are, How can a Money Mailer direct mail business opportunity possibly succeed in our digital culture? Who would choose a direct mail franchise to handle their marketing/advertising over the convenience of one-click digital advertising?

First and foremost, you should understand this…Direct mail is a $46 billion industry that is growing by billions yearly. Digital isn’t going anywhere, just as mountains of independent research shows neither is print. The Money Mailer value proposition combines both print and digital media, as they work to complement each other, the combination of the two has been proven to be more effective, sustainable combination than the use of either one alone.

“Direct mail marketing is the third-largest advertising medium in the country and second amongst the demand creation media; most people don’t know that,” says Tom Baber, Chief Executive Officer. “The small business market that we serve is very underserved in the advertising space and our clients benefit from both our print and digital offerings. They have a great need for what our franchisees do, which is to bring new customers to them and to help existing customers spend more at their places of business. It’s just a great time to get into the Money Mailer opportunity.”

Why Direct Mail Marketing Works?

The average response rate to a piece of direct mail marketing is around 5.1%, according to the Direct Marketing Association. The average response rate to a digital ad? Under 1%. In an age where print seems to be dwindling and everyone is online, how is that possible?

It’s because consumers interact with direct mail marketing in a totally different way than digital advertising. Direct mail gives them something tangible to look at. It tells them about opportunities for savings right in their own neighborhoods. It lets them discover new local businesses they might not have known about otherwise. Simply put, it creates demand and puts the power of choice in their hands.

Digital marketing on its own falls short in that it’s typically based on searching for what you already knew you wanted, therefore rarely creates unaided demand. Because of all the retargeting technologies in use today, we, as consumers, are often pelted with pop-up ads that might be relevant – or might be related to a completely irrelevant comment we made on someone’s Facebook page.

Why Direct Mail Marketing Works?


Shared Mail Envelope Ad

Our Jumbo 2 sided ads are mailed to affluent consumers with disposable income to deliver results!



Savings at your fingertips

Our Mobile App displays your ad & offer on consumers' cell phones.


Digital Business Page

Digital Business Page

We’ll create your exclusive Business Page driving consumers to your website and your business while also improving your Google ranking!

Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Work Together

Why Our Business Works?

Because we use both print and digital media, we are able to take full advantage of the benefit and convenience of both. In fact, they are complementary media that work hand-in-hand. Print creates demand while digital helps those who already know what they are looking for.

At Money Mailer, we use digital tools to expand the reach of our print product, design print ads, send proofs to our clients, and set up the direct mailing system that puts those ads in the hands of consumers.

“If a franchisee has 15 ad proofs they need to send out, they log onto Money Mailer Online,” says Scott Ijams, Chief Operating Officer. “A few mouse clicks and next thing you know, you’ve got 15 emails all going out to different advertisers, and each advertiser can view and approve their own proof. The ads then go directly into our manufacturing system as they’re linked up to the administrative details of the order and they’re ready to go for their next mailing!”

Here’s a snapshot of our digital actions for just one business on MoneyMailer.com for 6 months!

Total Digital Actions