Steps to Success

Learn more about Money Mailer revenues to make your franchise-buying decision

If you’ve been looking for the right home-based franchise opportunity, things like corporate support and flexibility make a lot of difference. But ultimately, the decision has to rest on dollars and common sense. Before signing an agreement with Money Mailer, you’ll want to study, research, and to talk to existing franchisees to gauge average revenues and gross profit.

Meeting your revenue goals

“My plans over the years haven’t changed,” says Mark Spero, who along with his wife Sharon owns the Money Mailer franchise Geneva, IL. “My original intent when I started was to have a career where I could make some really good money and still be able to have a terrific lifestyle.  That remains true today.”

Money Mailer lets you purchase as few as four zones, which each have 10,000 higher-income households, and scale up as you wish.

You can also increase your earnings by going deeper into the zones you already own and increasing the frequency of your mailings.  Spero saw the revenue opportunities and planned ahead.

Today, their kids have completed college, and they are still motivated and excited about the future.

From filling out the form to signing on the dotted line, here’s how to invest in a Money Mailer franchise

Our discovery process is designed to be comprehensive, informative and transparent. We want to learn about your goals, experience and motivation. At the same time, you will learn about us, our culture and the opportunities you will have as a Money Mailer franchisee. Together, we will determine if a Money Mailer franchise is right for you.

Request for information.

If you like what you’ve learned so far about the Money Mailer franchise opportunity, please fill out the form on this page, and one of our franchise development representatives will reach out to you for an initial conversation within a few business days. We’ll then ask you to submit your resume and our one-page, non-binding Request for Consideration (RFC). No Social Security numbers or financial statements are required at this time.

Business model overview.

Our informative webinar provides an overview of the Money Mailer business model and is designed to answer 99% of questions most candidates have about Money Mailer.

FDD review.

If you’re qualified, we will email our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes details about startup costs, average franchisee sales from the previous full year in business and more. We’ll also include a copy of the Franchise Agreement you’ll sign if you are approved.

Franchisee validation.

You are now ready to speak with franchise owners to gain valuable insights about training, support and other key aspects of operating our franchise. We will provide you with contact names and numbers of existing franchisees, and you are welcome to speak to anyone you like.

SPQ Gold Assessment.

This 90-minute online questionnaire helps us both understand how your personality and character traits relate to what it takes to be successful in our business. An outside consulting firm administers the SPQ Assessment, and your results will be discussed during an interview with a member of the senior management team.

Discovery Day.

This is your opportunity to meet with our CEO and other managers and understand our strategic vision. You will discuss why you believe you can be a successful franchisee and ask any remaining questions. Upon completion of your Discovery Day, you will meet with a member of the senior management team to discuss a timeline for your final decision.

Final Approval to award a franchise.

The Candidate Review Committee will consider your application for final approval. Upon approval, you may reserve your territory, sign up for Money Mailer training and receive your Franchise Agreement.

The entire process takes an estimated 30-45 days. Apply now to get started right away.