Many companies, it turns out, still use direct mail as an essential part of their multichannel marketing strategies. In fact, in an increasingly digital world, personalized direct mail print ad campaigns, when combined with digital ad components, can significantly increase your brand’s reach, growing your brand in the process. Not only is direct mail alive and well, but according to Predictable Profits:

  • US advertisers, on average, spend close to $167 per person on direct mail
  • Direct mail marketing campaigns can return an average of $2,095 on a $167 investment
  • Open rates approach 90% for some companies, which is much higher than click-through rates
  • 70% of customers like the personalized touch that direct mail provides
  • 54% of consumers prefer their favorite brands to send them direct mail ads
  • 62% of direct mail recipients are likely to buy something as a result of a direct mail campaign

With so much competition online for attention, establishing your brand in a click-to-click world can prove challenging. Direct mail campaigns can work with your digital marketing initiatives to introduce your brand and direct visitors to landing pages and augmented reality features, such as high-quality videos and 3D modeling functions that increase engagement times for your brand. Many consumers expect AR features when they engage with ads, where customers can use a QR code to try on clothing, eyeglasses, and makeup, along with trying out furniture in their own spaces.

Any company with a product or service to sell can benefit from incorporating direct mail campaigns into their comprehensive marketing budget. Postcards make effective and eye-catching direct mail ads. Put a name on your postcards, as a Small Business Trends survey shows ideally increases open rates by up to 135%. Offering a special promotion, a coupon, or a discount on your goods or services propels your targeted shoppers to go online and connect with your e-commerce site or your social media page and complete their shopping journeys. Better yet, you can take all of the guesswork out of your direct mail to digital ad campaigns by working with a direct mail company, such as Money Mailer, to automate your direct ad processes, from designing your ad to delivering to your customers, with the best mailing lists of affluent people in your local area.

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