Direct mail marketing is highly successful as part of a multichannel marketing strategy. According to the Data & Marketing Association, customers “engaged with 96% of direct mail and it recorded a generous 9% return on investment in 2019.”

In a multichannel approach to marketing, direct mail can help you reach a broader consumer base than digital marketing alone. Direct mail also offers a relief from the digital onslaught of advertising on social media platforms and in emails. 90% of direct mail is opened, but only 20% of emails are actually opened.

Direct mail marketing combined with digital platforms can also propel customers to engage with brands, driving 92% of consumers to learn more about brands, by directing them to brand websites, and motivating 87% to purchase products online. Advances in augmented reality are breathing new life into direct mail marketing, as well. Including QR codes, and/or using 3D modeling, marketers can include videos within direct mail projects, as well as programs that allow consumers to virtually walk through a home for sale, try on many products, such as makeup, clothing, and eyeglasses, along with allowing customers to view home furnishings in their own environments.

Direct mail marketing is effective because:

  • It provides relief from consistent online marketing strategies
  • Can be personalized and targeted to demographic groups, determined by age, sex, income, shopping behavior and other criteria
  • Your efforts can be tracked, by including calls to action, such as a QR code that offers in-store discounts with direct mail pieces or that directs customers to a specific landing page for special offers.
  • USPS is offering certain discounts for businesses that will be using emerging technology to impact their direct mail marketing strategies. These technologies include textured paper, paper with holographic effects, or scent infused paper and interactive technology

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