Where Are We Growing?

Money Mailer franchise territories are available nationwide

It seems counter-intuitive that in the midst of the great Digital Age, the printed medium should be doing so well. But it’s still true: Direct mail marketing is a booming $46 billion industry and is the second-largest advertising media buy in the U.S. Money Mailer is taking advantage of this thriving market with our strategic plan to add more franchisees and open more territories across the country.

Money Mailer is a well-established brand in the direct mail marketing arena, with more than 35 years in business. We stand out because we’re the only national direct mail franchise that targets hyper-local businesses and helps them get their message to a more affluent customer. We’re also different from many franchises in that we encourage our franchise owners to work collaboratively through our favorable cross-sale system.

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How our territories work

Money Mailer already has more than 150 territories nationwide. Our territories are divided into zones of 10,000 households each, and a minimum of four zones is the minimum number for a franchise territory, which allows our franchisees to scale up at their own pace. Money Mailer thrives in more densely populated designated market areas (DMAs). Larger DMAs typically consist of multiple territories and could easily include 40-plus zones.

Many of our franchisees own multiple territories, and we have numerous new franchise territories available in 46 states and the District of Columbia. Because we want our franchisees to work collaboratively, we allow cross-over sales in other zones in a way that benefits both owners.

How franchisees leverage our network

Our franchisees can leverage the power of our network without having to own it. Wherever you are located you will have the ability to place advertisers all over the country, further increasing your earning potential. Corporate training sessions and regional franchisee meetings help foster a strong sense of community among franchisees, says Mike Tinz, Vice President of Franchise Sales and Training.

“The great thing about a Money Mailer franchise is when a franchise owner buys into this system, they’re buying a territory within a designated marketing area,” Tinz says. “But what they’re also buying is the opportunity to cross-sell into all of our franchisees and our circulation throughout the United States.

“So, it’s not just a local opportunity. You can go regional. You can go national. You might run into a business owner in one of your zones who has multiple locations. That gives you an opportunity to sell them a larger circulation. You might find people that are regional buyers for a national food chain that could buy the entire DMA, or that could buy a full region,” Tinz says.

And whenever any of those sales cross into another franchisee’s zone, he or she gets a percentage of that sale.

“The great thing about Money Mailer is, although we’re a national brand, we’re also very localized as well,” Tinz says. “It gives our franchisees an opportunity to sell on a local level and brand themselves, but also to be able to distribute throughout the U.S., if they want to go that big.”

Who we help our clients reach

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Money Mailer is different from other direct mail marketing franchises because of our focus on hyper-local businesses and helping them reach a more affluent consumer by carefully selecting the demographics in our zones based on income and type of dwelling. We target affluent suburban households with a median income 79% larger than the U.S. average.* That way, we’re able to offer a customer base with more buying power to local businesses in cost-effective monthly mailings. And those businesses see results.

We use our proprietary SmartZones tool to help us profile demographic and consumer behavior in order to hone in on our clients’ preferred customer base.

“Typically, we tend to mail our envelopes to more single-family homes than multi-family homes or apartments,” says Tinz. “The income demographic is skewed higher than the national average, and the reason for that is we want to go after people who are likely going to spend the most amount of money for our clients – our home improvement clients, restaurants, all those kinds of businesses want to find those individuals who are likely to spend the highest amount.”

Learn more about our franchise territories

Money Mailer has numerous opportunities available for qualified candidates as we grow our company nationwide. If you’d like to hear more about territories available in your area, please fill out the no-obligation form on this page, and one of our franchise representatives will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

*Source: Census Data: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016A