How Direct Mail Competes

Our direct mail business opportunity thrives because our clients find direct mail more effective

It’s probably one of the most common questions we’re asked by franchise candidates: How can a Money Mailer direct mail business opportunity possibly succeed in our digital culture? Who would choose a direct mail franchise to handle their marketing over the convenience of one-click digital advertising?

First and foremost, you should understand this: Direct mail is a $46 billion industry that is growing by billions yearly. Digital isn’t going anywhere, but mountains of independent research shows that neither is print.

Infographic of text: 87% - Number of Millennials who say they like receiving Direct Mail Source - USPS

“Direct mail marketing is the second largest advertising medium in the country; most people don’t know that,” says John Patinella, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Franchise Development. “The small business market that we serve is very underserved in the advertising space. They have a great need for what our franchisees do, which is to bring new customers to them and to help existing customers spend more at their places of business. It’s just a great time to get into the Money Mailer opportunity.”

Why direct mail marketing works

The average response rate to a piece of direct mail marketing is around 5.1%, according to the Direct Marketing Association. The average response rate to a digital ad? Under 1%. In an age where print seems to be dwindling and everyone is online, how is that possible?

It’s because consumers interact with direct mail marketing in a totally different way than digital advertising. Direct mail gives them something tangible to look at. It tells them about opportunities for savings right in their own neighborhoods. It lets them discover new local businesses they might not have known about otherwise. And it puts the power of choice in their hands.

InfoGraphic of text: 75% vs.41% - Rate of recall among participants exposed to a direct mail piece vs. a digital ad. Source - Forbes Magazine

The problem with digital marketing is that it’s typically based on searching for what you already knew you wanted. And because of all the retargeting technologies in use today, we as consumers are often pelted with pop-up ads that might be relevant – or might be related to a completely irrelevant comment we made on someone’s Facebook page.

Room for both direct mail marketing and digital

Just because we employ a print medium doesn’t mean we don’t take full advantage of the convenience of digital technology. In fact, they are complementary media that work hand-in-hand. Print creates demand while digital helps those who already know what they are looking for.

At Money Mailer, we use digital tools to expand the reach of our print product, design our print ads, send proofs to our clients and set up the direct mailing system that puts those ads in the hands of the customers.

“If a franchisee has 15 ad proofs they need to send out, they log onto Money Mailer Online,” says Scott Ijams, Senior Vice President of Operations. “A few mouse clicks and next thing you know, you’ve got 15 emails all going out to different advertisers, and all the advertisers can view their proofs online and approve them. The ads go right into our manufacturing system as linked up to the administrative order of detail, and they’re ready to go for their next mailing.”

Why Money Mailer is thriving

Female store owner sitting on step outside store with an "open" signWe’re the only national direct mail marketing franchise that focuses on marketing services for locally run businesses that are trying to reach affluent customers. These neighborhood businesses are often run on small staffs who have their hands full with day-to-day operations. As a Money Mailer franchisee, you will be able to provide expert marketing advice and services that will help them compete for a greater market share.

With our SmartZones, we compile our mailing zones by prioritizing affluent consumers in areas of at least 10,000 households per zone. “SmartZones is a tool that provides both demographic and consumer behavioral profiling data that allows our franchisees to target the types of consumers that businesses are looking for on a zone level,” says Mike Tinz, Vice President of Franchise Sales and Training.

We employ the best practices of direct mail marketing with cutting-edge digital technologies that make it easier to interact with clients, design effective ads and put them in the hands of the desired customer base. Franchisees get to help local businesses grow by essentially providing them with all the services of an in-house ad agency.

Learn more about our direct mail franchise

If you think our direct mail business opportunity might be right for you, we invite you to fill out the short, no-obligation form on this page. Money Mailer is seeking motivated, driven entrepreneurs to help us grow our business. Please explore our research pages to learn more about our franchise opportunity.