Why Our Clients Love Us

Money Mailer is more than a B2B franchise opportunity, it’s a chance to build relationships with other entrepreneurs

Direct mail is one of the best demand-creation advertising choices available today, and it’s second only to television in ad buys. Why? Because digital marketing can’t do everything businesses need it to do. Money Mailer is a B2B franchise opportunity that allows franchise owners to help local businesses grow and reach more consumers in their communities.

95% is the number of consumers who receive Money Mailer who also open the envelope. Source: Marketing and Management Research Strategy

We do that by targeting America’s best consumers, carving out specific mailing zones comprised of affluent households whose buyer behaviors indicate they’re interested in more local offers. We all rely on digital technologies, but the printed medium required for direct mail marketing is still surprisingly effective. Just ask business owner Albert Melgar, whose company, Turfora, supplies and installs artificial grass for consumers in drought-ridden Southern California.

Melgar’s local Money Mailer franchisee, Victoria Binggeli, called and came by to see if she could interest the Millennial entrepreneur in Money Mailer’s direct mail marketing services. He wasn’t too keen on the idea at first.

“You see, I was very, very skeptical, because nowadays, everyone just grabs their phone, goes to the nearest location and finds a spot,” Melgar says. “I wasn’t thinking about all those people out there who expect their mail every single day and the fact that they like going through coupon after coupon after coupon.”

Melgar’s “aha!” moment came when he was following up on a job prospect one day and the client told him, regretfully, that he’d gone with another company. A company the client had learned about, by the way, from his Money Mailer envelope.

“That was a $16,000 job,” Melgar says. “I was pretty bummed out. That’s when I called Victoria up and said hey, I want to try this.”

Today, Melgar is fully on board with Money Mailer’s integrated marketing services. He’s seen a healthy uptick in business, and he plans to keep Money Mailer in his marketing budget for a long time to come.

Who’s a good fit for our B2B franchise opportunity

17 million households reached in each Money Mailer mailing

We’re looking for franchisees who, like Binggeli, understand the importance of relationship-building. Persistence is part of it, but sales experience is not required. As our franchisee Ray Gedart of South Bay, CA, puts it, “I am not somebody who is the life of the party but I am somebody who, if I go to a party, I will talk to the person next to me. You have to be willing to strike up a conversation.”

Although our franchise is home-based with little overhead, our business is about building relationships with other business owners and providing solutions. It’s also a business with purpose: helping other businesses grow. We focus on hyper-local entrepreneurs who need to get the word out to their communities. Each franchise acts as a full-service ad agency for small business owners and offers an affordable, fully integrated, multi-media marketing program.

Our training and support programs are designed to ease your transition from employment to entrepreneurship, for as long as you own your Money Mailer franchise.

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If Money Mailer’s B2B franchise opportunity seems like it would be a good fit for your personal and professional goals, we’d love to start a conversation. Just fill out the short form on this page, and one of our franchise development representatives will get back to you shortly. Meanwhile, please explore our research pages to learn more about the Money Mailer opportunity.