What is Money Mailer?

A marketing consulting franchise that lets you build a thriving business by helping others grow theirs

Money Mailer is a thriving, stable brand in the $46 billion direct mail marketing industry, and as you talk to our franchisees, you’ll find our innovative approach to local business marketing makes us one of the most appealing home-based franchises you can invest in. We like to think of ourselves as “The Main Street Marketing Franchise.” Franchisees work with other business owners in their communities, helping them strategize their growth. You’ll use our technology-driven process to show business owners how to target their best prospects. You’ll oversee professionally designed coupon offers for those businesses and coordinate monthly mailings distributed to 10,000-household zones.

Money Mailer targets affluent consumers, who are more than twice as likely to redeem coupons than lower-income households, according to CNBC.

You’ll have proprietary software and web-based marketing tools to present compelling proposals that become annual agreements. And you’ll solve one of the top challenges faced by local businesses: how to reach consumers living within a 3- to 5-mile radius. You’ll do this with compelling offers delivered right to consumers’ homes in our shared mail envelope, and then you’ll extend that reach with online, mobile and social media. With our B2B business model, you can organize your business life around your family life and never have to make another excuse to attend to a personal matter.

Why local businesses need direct mail marketing

Yesterday’s yellow pages have been replaced by today’s search engines. Both are a perfect way for consumers to find what they already know they need, be it a plumber, an exterminator or a pizza. But what if they don’t know about a wonderful business right there in their neighborhood? Local businesses need to reach neighborhood consumers. Direct mail helps grab their attention. Money Mailer’s direct mail marketing provides hyper-local offers to high-income consumers divided into 10,000-household zones. The clear window on the front of our red, white and blue envelopes features an attention-grabbing image like food, enticing people to open the envelope – who doesn’t love food? – where they’ll find all sorts of goods and services right there in their neighborhoods. Local businesses tend to quickly see results.

The best home-based franchises are about relationship-building

Male and Female Cafe owners or servers smiling at cash registerAt our core, Money Mailer is about building relationships and providing marketing solutions for local businesses. Franchisees are helping other businesses in their community grow, which provides them with a sense of purpose. “What I like about Money Mailer is the fact that I get to help small businesses. I get to bring in new customers through their doors,” says Peelu Shivaraju, who owns the Money Mailer franchise in Grand Rapids, MI. “I’ve fostered a lot of good relationships with my clients. They’re clients I golf with, they’re clients who brought me home dinners when my wife, Kate, and I had our first daughter, Leela. They’re clients that brought me dinner the when we had our second child, Ray. “They’re clients I go have a beverage with every now and then. They’re clients who come and hang out with us, we go out and do stuff together,” Shivaraju says. “The fact that I’ve been able to help as many businesses in my community as I have, is one of the most rewarding things I have done.”

How we support our franchisees

Working from home has its advantages: You set your own hours. Your time is flexible. You can take a break in the middle of the day to ferry the kids to soccer practice or pick up a relative from the airport. You can work at 9 o’clock at night. Money Mailer won’t dictate the details. What we will do is provide you with the training and the proven blueprint to run a successful direct mail marketing business. We have cultivated a culture that puts the franchisees first, and we have created a business model that rewards collaboration among franchisees. We allow cross-selling between territories, and whenever someone sells something in your territory, you’ll receive a percentage of that mailing for as long as it runs. Infographic of text: 93K vs. 52K Money Mailer’s median household income vs. U.S. median household income. Source - Bureau of Labor Statistics We provide platforms and people who can do the creative work for you at our corporate headquarters in Southern California. Comprehensive training and business coaching are designed for newbies and veterans alike. Money Mailer aims to be an attractive, lucrative franchise for sales professionals and anyone who has a passion for helping businesses grow. There are so many perks running your own business. As a home-based franchise in operation for over 35 years, we get that. “It’s good to be in control of your destiny and not be worried about the latest round of layoffs in corporate America,” says Chief Executive Officer, John Patinella. “It’s also good to be in control of your daily life in a way that lets you make room for your family and your children on your terms.”

Learn more about our direct marketing franchise opportunity

So forget everything you thought you knew about direct mail. Money Mailer has a leadership position in an industry that has firmly carved out a niche in the digital world, one that affords you an opportunity to run a home-based franchise like no other. Nearly 200 marketing-savvy entrepreneurs are already helping grow local businesses as they build a profitable business of their own. If you’d like to join them, please fill out the form on this page to get in touch, or explore our research pages.