The unique feature that makes our direct marketing franchise so easy to scale

See why our cross-selling system helps drive revenue and makes it easier than ever to grow your business

In most B2B business opportunities, particularly in a franchise system, you might expect some competition from other company reps in your area. But Money Mailer has established a system that doesn’t pit you against others in the company, and in fact rewards you for collaboration.

Cross Sales is our national profit-sharing program. It helps franchisees sell in each other’s territories without stepping on each other’s toes by providing revenue to both: The person generating the sale gets the lion’s share of the commission, while the person who owns the territory within which the ad is mailed also gets to keep a share of the commission for as long as the ads run.

It’s a mutually beneficial program designed to make everyone happy – and to make everyone money.

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Cooperation and collaboration are key, both to a happier franchise experience and to the potential for more profit.

Why our marketing franchise opportunity stands out

Franchisees often have prospects who want to advertise outside the protected mailing territory. They may want to penetrate multiple local markets and regions or even reach potential customers in multiple states.

We make sure franchisees are covered on either end when that happens so no one has to opt out of a money-making opportunity. Here’s how it works:

  • When ads go outside the selling franchisee’s territory and into another franchisee’s territory, the selling franchisee pays his fellow franchisee a pre-set dollar amount per ad.
  • Money Mailer corporate reconciles all cross sale transactions for the system, making it a very seamless process.
  • Franchisees who receive cross sales from other franchise territories reap financial rewards.

Devoted resources help with cross-selling

While our focus is always on serving local businesses, we encourage franchisees to connect with bigger clients in their territories. And, we go the extra mile to support franchisees with our Large Account Resource Team (LART). LART is a team of individuals from Art & Design, Sales and Marketing who all work together to develop and design a spec ad, secure the appropriate analytics and deliver an agency-quality presentation that a larger client expects. The end result is a package of materials and a comprehensive proposal that caters to the client’s specific challenge or marketing objective.

Presentations typically include custom slides, maps, a custom spec ad, marketing research data, targeting recommendations and case studies. Providing large-market clients with such professionally executed pitches helps our franchisees secure a reputation for their marketing expertise.

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Cross-selling helps franchisees earn more money, and those who possess territories that someone else’s client wants to reach will reap benefits by receiving a cut of the recurring income.

Cross sales give every franchisee (and their clients) access to the entire Money Mailer national circulation footprint – and that creates a lot of opportunities to bring in large accounts. When the business is secured, all revenue goes to the local franchisee, minus the fees to franchisees whose territories are being reached.

Programs like these are what make Money Mailer one of the best marketing franchise opportunities around.

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