The relevance of direct mail in a digital world

Our low-cost franchise helps local businesses grow with the surprising power of direct mail

Every day, every household across the country has what we call the mail moment. It’s that moment when you pick up the mail, you see what’s in there, you put aside the bills and basically evaluate your content. Everyone who lives in your house knows who gets the mail, what time they get it and where they put it.

The mail moment is why Money Mailer’s direct mail marketing campaigns continue to be effective in the digital age, and why our low-cost franchise continues to thrive after almost 40 years. Of course, we also utilize digital ads and social media in our direct marketing – it would be crazy not to since a marketing mix is what’s most effective – but the reality is, our colorful envelope stuffed full of discounts on local businesses have tremendous appeal to consumers and gets them to take action. And when consumers flock to those businesses, those businesses flock to their local Money Mailer franchisee.

ALT TEXT: A red, white and blue Money Mailer branded envelope addressed, “TO OUR FRIENDS AT: ANY STREET, ANYTOWN, USA 90001” includes a “SAVE MONEY on-the-go!” message to download the free app as well as a photo of a slice of pepperoni pizza being pulled away from the pie.

Our big, bold envelope is designed to entice consumers to open it and explore the discount offers on goods and services in their community.

In a time where digital media tactics are being tested, consumers are responding more than ever to print offers.

“I literally thought print was going to be replaced,” says Orange County, CA, franchisee Tony Binggeli, who worked with another direct mail company before becoming a Money Mailer franchisee. “It scared me because I still wanted to work in this industry, but I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. We did see a lot of business go away from print. What’s interesting, though, is that since 2014, we’ve seen a drastic change where these companies that had left or thought of leaving the print area have come back in full force.

“I’m more optimistic about the future of direct marketing today than I was back in 2010.”

Why does direct mail work so well?

Numerous studies have been done that show people make a stronger connection with a concept when something tactile is involved. Money Mailer’s consumer envelope is professionally designed to appeal to what people are looking for, like deals on restaurants in their neighborhoods.

Direct mail is a tangible medium that comprises the second-largest ad spend in the U.S., outranked only by television. But don’t consumers really, truly prefer digital? Not according to a recent Canada Post study. The Canadian counterpart to the U.S. Postal Service found that over 20% of consumers found direct mail easier to understand and more motivating than digital ads.

ALT TEXT: A Money Mailer envelope and an array of colorful coupons for food, lawn services and more are pictured.

The colorful graphics and tactile nature of printed coupons are very effective, even among Millennials. Response rates to direct mail average around 3.4%, compared to 0.12% for email, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

As a franchised local marketing consultant, Money Mailer’s proven systems and expertise will enhance your ability to help local businesses devise an effective strategy to drive more traffic or increase their customer base.

What does a Money Mailer franchisee do?

You’ll use your skills as a sales expert to consult with local businesses, helping them employ direct marketing strategies that are designed to help them grow their most desirable customer base.

What makes for a successful mailing

Money Mailer has experts who help you come up with goals for your regular mailings to build a good blend of businesses. Every good Money Mailer envelope should include a strong restaurant presence, for instance, because a delicious food picture on the front of the envelope is a strong incentive for consumers to see the offers inside.

“We definitely want to make sure that you have a good mix in your envelope,” says Mike Tinz, Vice President of Franchise Sales and Training. “We’ve developed a content report card where we share with you what categories you want to focus on, and how many of each type of category you want to go after in there. It’s really important that you have that good diversity, that good mix of content in there to keep the consumers coming back in for more.”

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