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Money Mailer franchisees share why they started their own business

Wondering whether to start a direct marketing business? Money Mailer franchisees share why their answer was yes!


“What I like most about Money Mailer is that I know that my clients are getting good response and a great ROI. By putting advertising in the mail and supporting it with our digital products, I knew my clients were going to be very happy. People still go to their mailbox every single day, so it was a good way for me to get the messages of my local businesses into the hands of people…Knowing what I know now about running a franchise, running a business and ultimately owning Money Mailer, the only thing that I would do differently is purchase it a lot earlier than I did.”

– Mark and Sharon Spero, Geneva, IL


“If you really want to get someone’s attention, write them a note. Don’t write an email or send a text, write them a note. Social media, email campaigns and text messages can be wonderful to build brand awareness, but we are all so inundated with all of that information that we just gloss over it, we don’t see it anymore. If you really want to drive something home, a piece of paper or card has much better staying power, and that physical document has much more impact.”
– Rob Chana, Clarendon Hills, IL

– Rob Chana, Clarendon Hills, IL


“Being my own boss is very important to me, and I love the flexibility it offers me. When I first bought Money Mailer, my wife, Kate, and I had just gotten married, and right after I bought the business we got pregnant with Leela. After she was born, I took three or four months off; I barely worked. My daughter meant everything to me. Same with my son, Ray. I took a few months off when he was born. Being a father is what comes first to me. Money Mailer allows me to be there for them.”

– Peelu Shivaraju, Grand Rapids, MI


“Digital is not as effective as people want to believe. In many ways it’s like a phone book. You’ve got to think up something and go looking for it. Direct mail is in the demand creation business. We can drop an idea into your head. And unlike TV, billboards or the internet, people are choosing to stop their day and look at the advertising offered by Money Mailer.”

– Dave Hart, Delaware

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