Money Mailer helps businesses win the turf war

How our direct mail franchise is now bringing in 40% of the leads in a California artificial turf business

When Money Mailer franchise owner Victoria Binggeli first dropped by Turfora in 2016, the owner of the artificial turf business wasn’t yet convinced that direct mail would work for him. He liked Binggeli personally, but frankly, 30-year-old Albert Melgar wondered why he should consider direct mail instead of a digital advertising program. He never imagined direct mail could help him grow his business. Today, he estimates that 40% of his leads come directly from his ad in the monthly Money Mailer envelope.

What shifted his thinking from “How can Money Mailer help me” to “How much can I earn with Money Mailer?” It was simple: He lost a big job to a competitor who advertised with Money Mailer.

Albert Melgar

Albert Melgar of Turfora

He was bidding on a job in the San Clemente, CA, area, where years of drought have driven up demand for artificial turf. The potential customer rejected Melgar in favor of a company he’d learned about through the mail. Melgar asked to see the ad. “When he showed me the ad, I saw that it was from Money Mailer. And I was just, like, ‘Wow, this is a huge loss.’ It was a $16,000 project, so I was pretty bummed out.”

Melgar got in touch with Binggeli, who’d been persistent in visiting the reluctant Millennial business owner, and he finally decided to place an order. The difference was noticeable and immediate. “We definitely have more business because of Money Mailer,” Melgar says.

Businesses along a sidewalk display signs or awnings. Small trees, planters with flowers and shrubbery, and benches decorate the sidewalk.

Our direct mail marketing franchise helps local businesses grow by targeting their most desirable demographic.

Direct mail drives local business revenues

“We diversify our marketing, so we don’t try to stick to just one area, but Money Mailer has definitely increased our business,” says Melgar. “Let’s just say, if we do 10 installations, perhaps four of them came from Money Mailer, and that’s a big deal. So, yeah – it’s a significant amount.”

Binggeli, a Money Mailer franchisee since 2015, knew Melgar would see results if she could get him on board. She had honed in on his business in the first place because she wanted to diversify the offerings in her envelope – every Money Mailer envelope is tailored to reach a more affluent demographic, and franchisees like to have a certain mix of different kinds of businesses represented. With drought-stricken Southern California, an artificial turf business was important, so Binggeli was persistent.

“Albert was very skeptical about direct mail,” she says. “He’s very young, and he thought digital advertising was the way he wanted to run his business. When he lost an account because someone went with Money Mailer, he took a little more interest. He started out doing about 10 zones, and now he’s expanded to 17 zones.”

How much can I earn with Money Mailer?

That question is as likely to come from a potential franchisee as a potential client. For the latter, we refer you to the story above. There are tens of thousands of success stories like these across the country. Money Mailer helps all sorts of local businesses win their own turf wars with the competition. Why? Because direct mail marketing works. Our research shows 95% of consumers who receive a Money Mailer envelope open that envelope. As a franchisee, you’ll help local businesses grow and increase their revenues. And the more they grow, the more your business grows, too.

“Albert sells turf, or fake grass, and I knew I wanted to get a good turf guy in my envelope,” says Binggeli. “In San Clemente, there have been restrictions on water, and that’s an amazing opportunity for turf people to get in. I contacted Albert and worked on him for about a year. Persistence is important.”

Melgar called Binggeli recently to tell her how much Money Mailer had improved his business. “It made my day,” she says.

As a franchisee, how much can you earn with Money Mailer? We can’t disclose a specific revenue estimate, but we can tell you we’ve made it as easy as possible to ramp up your business quickly so you can start earning right away. We offer some amazing discounts and financial incentives with our Speed Launch program, which provides opportunities to earn sales incentives, take advantage of extra back-office support and more.

Could Money Mailer be the right business for you?

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