It’s practically an offer you can’t refuse

With Money Mailer’s Speed Launch program, it’s easier than ever to be in business for yourself

Ready to become a marketing consultant? We need more sales professionals who meet the criteria for successful, qualified franchise owners. And as a salesperson who’s ready to take it to the next level, you need an affordable franchise that dovetails with your skill set.

We think you’ll be excited for this opportunity, given what we’ve done with Money Mailer’s startup program: A low franchise fee of $59,900 with an additional $10,000 discount for candidates with advertising sales experience; hundreds of hours of free telemarketing support; $50,000 in sales incentives for your first 10 mailings and, as they say in show biz, so much more! And before you start wondering – no, there’s no catch. There’s no broken-down boat behind curtain No. 3.

You need a way to realize your dreams of owning your own business. We need successful consultants for our full-time direct-mail marketing franchise.

If startup costs are keeping you from making a savvy career transition into entrepreneurship, well worry not. Money Mailer does everything possible to help you meet that challenging first year as a business owner.

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Don’t let money stand between you and your dreams. Money Mailer has a tremendous incentive program in place right now to attract new franchise owners.

Our Speed Launch program

“We realize the first year of any business is tough, so we help by supporting our franchisees with sales incentives, appointment setting, large account support, lead generation and re-generation,” says Michael Hernandez, Vice President of Marketing. “We also give them tools that enable them to go in and fish for their own leads, such as a subscription to Salesgenie. Money Mailer will end up with a better-equipped franchisee who’ll accelerate their sales, early on.”

Let’s start with a low franchise fee of $59,900 and an additional $10,000 discount for candidates with advertising sales experience.

We also offer:

  • 270 hours of free telemarketing support to augment your local appointment-setting efforts
  • 9 weeks of in-territory training with a dedicated customer acquisition expert who is committed to helping you build your base of clients and hyper-launch your franchise.
  • Large-account support team. Corporate team members from Design, Marketing and Sales will help new franchisees develop customized presentations to sell large chain opportunities.
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Help local businesses grow with a rewarding business of your own. You’ll work from home, and we’ll support you both in the field and remotely. Find out why Money Mailer is still a thriving, relevant business.

Why it’s not too good to be true

If it sounds like a tremendous deal, it is. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Here’s why: Not everyone will qualify, first of all.

We want to eliminate barriers to entry that are preventing skilled, qualified people from joining our team. But that doesn’t mean just anyone with sales experience will be the person we’re looking for.

“What it takes to succeed at Money Mailer is someone who is very high energy, someone who is influential, enjoys helping others and is able to go out into the market and fight for business every day,” says Hernandez. “We know those people are out there, and if we can offset the impact of the expense required to purchase your own business, we’ll reach more talented people than ever before.”

You’ll spend your first years building up a base of local businesses who advertise regularly through Money Mailer’s print and digital platform, a thriving local marketing business since 1979. You’ll also find tremendous rewards, forging new relationships and creating a business of your own that you can be proud of.

We hope you’ll take us up on this opportunity. It might just be the best business decision you’ll ever make.

Learn more about owning a Money Mailer franchise

To hear more about the business model, our incredible incentives and what other franchisees have to say, please explore our research pages and blog. To start a conversation, just fill out the no-obligation form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!