How our direct mail advertising franchise integrates technology

Our advertising franchise uses digital technology to get the printed medium in the hands of consumers

Newspapers are battling to stay relevant in an online world. Businesses are scrambling to figure out how to get people to pay for content they’re used to getting for free online. Our day-to-day world can’t run properly without online technologies. And even with the printed products of our direct mail advertising franchise, where our product is printed, cutting-edge technology is behind everything we do.

It can be a difficult concept to explain sometimes, but Money Mailer is a successful franchise in the booming $46 billion direct mail industry, which grew by $2 billion last year alone. We’re successful because consumers respond better to printed coupons sent to their homes than they do to digital ads that chase them around online.

A circular illustration features three images connected by clockwise blue arrows pointing at each: a Money Mailer envelope overlaying a silver mailbox, labeled with the words “Shared Mailed Envelope” in green at the top; a drawing of a laptop computer displaying the Money Mailer website, labeled with the words, “Online” on the bottom right; and a hand holding a mobile phone showing the Money Mailer mobile app, labeled with the words, “Mobile App” on the bottom left.

Money Mailer direct mail advertising franchise puts effective print ads in the hands of consumers, but we’re fully onboard with all the benefits and efficiencies of digital media.

How technology helps our franchisees

Like any modern-day business, we fully employ technology to help our operations run more efficiently. Digital technologies are key to helping our franchisees maximize their revenue potential, so we arm them with an array of tech tools, like call tracking.

“This gives us the ability to put a phone number on an ad and track the results for the business owner,” says Mike Tinz, Vice President of Franchise Sales and Training. “We use our call tracking tool to actually check the results on calls coming into a business from our ads and then coach our businesses on how to service their consumers better.”

We also use URL tracking to track response rates, Tinz says, which allows franchisees to better shape their clients’ marketing strategies. Our CRM (client relationship management) system helps franchisees manage their prospects and sales leads so they can build their envelopes as quickly as possible.

“Another tool that we have is called ad scoring,” he says. “We have a nine-step process that we can walk you through to make sure that you’re designing effective ads that get results.

“And, if you’re not sure exactly what to present to a business owner, we have a tool called Category Offer Guide that provides you with the best-selling categories and shows you the best offers as well as the best frequency and the best distribution. These are all designed to make sure you can maximize the return for these businesses.”

How Money Mailer technology maximizes ROI

Our updated tools let franchise owners be competitive in the direct mail advertising arena, allowing them to maximize returns for their clients.

Money Mailer franchise owner Victoria Binggeli, wearing a striped and floral sweater on the left, greets client Alina De La Torre, wearing a black dress on the right, inside De La Torre’s pizza restaurant, in front of a counter and chalkboard menu signs.

Money Mailer franchise owner Victoria Binggeli greets client Alina De La Torre, owner of Stuft Pizza in San Clemente, CA, who has seen great results with our direct mail advertising franchise.

“I first heard about Money Mailer when Victoria came in,” says Alina De La Torre, owner of Stuft Pizza in San Clemente, CA. Her Money Mailer franchise reps are Victoria and Tony Binggeli of Orange County, CA. “She just walked into the door, she introduced herself and she basically explained what it does. And I loved the idea. I had just bought the business, which has been here since 1978, and I was like, ‘Let me try it out.’ So it was literally the first marketing thing that I tried.”

De La Torre, a Millennial, admits she was somewhat skeptical about whether direct mail would really work. “I did have a couple of concerns that it wouldn’t be as good as maybe Facebook or the internet. A lot of people get the paper and then just throw it away. So at the beginning I was hesitating…but I wanted to give it a shot.”

Her first week with Money Mailer yielded a nice increase in sales, and De La Torre is still seeing positive sales results two years later as an ongoing Money Mailer customer. “The customers love the coupons,” she says. “So I love Money Mailer. Victoria’s always there for me, the design team is great, and I always love how the job turns out.”

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