How a home-based, low-cost franchise can change your life

If you’ve got great sales skills, why are you still working for someone else? Bring your experience to Money Mailer to take ownership, build wealth and balance out your life.

What are you doing with your life? If you’re doing anything besides making yourself wealthy, it may be time to consider something new. You’ll still work hard. You’ll still be doing what you love best, and what you’re best at. But as a Money Mailer franchise owner, you’ll be helping other business owners grow even as you grow your own Money Mailer business.

“There are some really good salespeople out there but nothing beats the peer-to-peer relationship that you have between a franchisee and a fellow business owner. That’s why Money Mailer has a unique position in the marketplace,” says CEO John Patinella.

“Many people don’t realize that direct mail is the second-largest advertising medium in the country. The economy is very strong right now, and the small-business market that we cater to is very underserved in the advertising space. They have a great need for what our franchisees do, which is bring in new customers and help existing customers spend more at their places of business.”

A man and a woman with their arms around each other smile at the camera as they stand on a beach with the ocean at their backs and a pier on the left-hand side.

Ray and Ellen Gedert run a Money Mailer franchise in Southern California’s South Bay area. Ray Gedert says, “I really liked the idea of taking control of my own destiny.”

Money Mailer is unique

Money Mailer is the only national direct mail marketing franchise that focuses on marketing services for locally run businesses that are trying to reach affluent customers.

Since neighborhood businesses are often operating with small staffs, there’s a great need for our services. Money Mailer franchisees provide expert marketing advice and support services to help those businesses gain greater market share among their most desired demographic.

A cell phone showing the Money Mailer app is resting on colorful fliers for various types of businesses.

Money Mailer is a home-based, low-cost franchise that helps local businesses grow through direct mail and digital platforms. It’s the perfect franchise for sales professionals seeking their own business.

How low is our low-cost franchise?

We can get you into your own business for $59,900. And with our Speed Launch program, qualified candidates with specific industry experience may receive an additional $10,000 discount, bringing the startup fee down to just $49,900. And there’s more – we also offer:

  • $50,000 in sales incentives for your first 10 mailings.
  • 270 hours of free telemarketing support to augment your local appointment-setting efforts.
  • 9 weeks of in-territory training with a dedicated customer acquisition expert committed to helping you build your base of clients and launch your franchise quickly.
  • Large-account support team. Corporate team members from Design, Marketing and Sales help you develop customized presentations to sell large chain opportunities.

These are considerable advantages for a new business owner, low-cost franchise or otherwise. The first few years of being an entrepreneur can be challenging, and Money Mailer wants to make them go as smoothly as possible. By providing you with as many support systems as possible, we free you up to spend more time creating new relationships and strengthening existing ones as you help local entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

Work-life balance

Having a great career, even if it’s running your own business, isn’t so great if all you do is work. A home-based franchise like Money Mailer affords you a flexibility you typically don’t get working for someone else. As a Money Mailer franchisee, you’ll be free to schedule appointments around your child’s soccer game or a dental visit.

“There were a handful of things I really, really needed to have before I purchased a franchise: I had to be able to buy it for less than $100,000, make what I wanted, it had to be a proven solution where other people were already successful, I wanted to work out of my own home for low overhead, and I wanted to not have to hire any other people,” says Ray Gedert, who owns the Money Mailer franchise in South Bay, CA, which includes Hermosa Beach, North Redondo Beach and El Segundo. “None of the other opportunities I looked at ever met that criteria… I really looked long and hard, and no one besides Money Mailer could offer me what I was looking for.”

You won’t have to miss important events in your and your family’s lives anymore because you will be able to determine when you take vacation, when you want a long weekend and when you feel comfortable pursuing other passions.

“One of the huge advantages of being your own boss is you get to do it your way,” says Gedert. “You’re the final decider. I get to take off time when I want. If I want to travel internationally for a couple of weeks, I don’t have to go to anybody and ask for time off. My business is making me money when I’m not there. Effectively I work as little as 11 months out of the year.”

Learn more

If buying a low-cost franchise, working from home and having more flexibility to achieve work-life balance sounds enticing, we encourage you to explore what our company is all about on our research pages and blog. To start a conversation with one of our franchise development representatives, just fill out the no-obligation form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!