Direct mail and the human brain

The surprising science behind the efficacy of our direct mail marketing franchise


Red, white and blue American flag imagery wraps around the left side and bottom of the Money Mailer envelope, which features a picture window on the left front showing a slice of pizza being pulled away from the main pie. The envelope is addressed: “To Our Friends At: Any Street, Anytown, USA 90001.” Words next to the Money Mailer logo on the top of the envelope read, “Like Getting Money in Your Mailbox.” Words in the red field at the bottom of the envelope read: “Get Local Coupons:” and “Mobile App” next to icons of a computer and a mobile phone.

Money Mailer direct mail marketing franchise is thriving because consumers are hardwired to respond to our printed ads. The leads to big results for our clients, and repeat business for our franchisees.

Relying on a printed medium in a digital world sounds, on its surface, like a counter-intuitive marketing strategy. Pew Research tells us that nine out of 10 Americans are online. In fact, 77% of us own smartphones in 2017, compared to just 35% in 2011. So why would it be such a smart move to invest in a direct mail marketing franchise? The science behind digital marketing yields some surprising reasons.

It may be helpful, first of all, to realize that Money Mailer is fully integrated with online technologies. We have an app to make it easier for our clients’ customers to access money-saving coupons. We utilize cutting-edge technologies to help franchisees do everything from managing back-end office procedures to securing ad proofs for clients that are emailed, corrected and produced in just a few clicks. And with over 35 years in business, we have an experienced leadership team and a longevity that makes us one of the most appealing direct mail business opportunities today.

Why our local marketing franchise works

Overall, direct mail is a winning strategy because it’s a tactile medium. Here’s why science tells us that gives printed coupons an edge over digital offers, according to the Data & Marketing Association:

  1. Attention spans are tiny. The average human attention span is a mere 8 seconds. A pop-up ad becomes so much clutter you want out of the way. You click the “X” and the ad is gone. Attention-grabbing graphics are important, and when you’re holding them in your hand, they’re more likely to stick with you than an ad that has an accessible go-away box.
  2. We like pretty pictures. Consider the Money Mailer envelope: The front has a large tran0sparent window that typically showcases a photo of some mouth-watering dish from a local restaurant. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than words, so selling with pictures is vital. Our visually-oriented envelopes entice people to open the mailing and see what else is inside.
  3. We crave organization. Digital imagery, pop-up ads and retargeting ads are effective in their way, but our brains are wired to seek out “ease and order,” according to Data & Marketing Association research. “Direct mail that creates a simple decision path with limited copy and explanation always tests better,” the organization reports.

Is our direct mail marketing franchise right for you?

Money Mailer stands out from other direct mail opportunities because of our business model. Our strategy is to help grow hyper-local businesses by connecting them to the sought-after consumer with more disposable income. We send monthly mailings to zones of 10,000 households each, in areas with higher-than-average household income, offering our clients the opportunity to market in multiple zones for months at a time.

A red, white and blue adorned Money Mailer envelope is pictured overlaid by several envelope-sized coupons for various services, including Domino’s Pizza, a car wash, a nail spa grand opening and a door and window installer.

When consumers can hold an ad in their hands, it introduces them to a business they might not have known was in their neighborhood. The printed medium is the second biggest ad buy, outranked only by television.

Our franchisees succeed by creating relationships with local business owners and consulting with them about their growth goals and the best marketing strategies to meet those needs. Sales experience is helpful, but not required. Our franchisees come from all walks of life. Money Mailer provides intensive training and ongoing support in everything from back-end office procedures to field sales help to ad design. We have 150 territories across the U.S., and we have new territories available for the right candidates in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

Learn more about our marketing franchise

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