A little staffing and a lot of corporate support

Make the most of your direct marketing franchise with the right management structure and our outstanding Customer Service Center

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Are you a sales professional seeking a viable, home-based business? Money Mailer offers you an opportunity to grow your own small business by helping others grow theirs.

Money Mailer, a premier direct marketing franchise since 1979, offers an enticing advantage over many other business opportunities with our Corporate Support Center. We recruit, train and retain a professional staff to help your Money Mailer business grow by providing support with everything from back-office administration to ad design.

In the $46 billion direct mail marketing industry, our brand stands out – not only for the way we help local businesses grow with our direct marketing strategies, but for the outstanding support we offer our franchisees to help them grow their own businesses.

How we help franchisees

Our franchisees make the most of their direct marketing franchises with a little staffing and a lot of corporate support from Money Mailer.

Peelu Shivaraju, who owns the Money Mailer franchise in Grand Rapids, MI, finds himself able to do a lot with very little in terms of staffing, thanks to what he describes as Money Mailer’s “phenomenal” support staff. From customer service representatives to art coordinators, the staff at our corporate Customer Support Center handle many of the behind-the-scenes details and allow our franchisees to focus on the bigger picture — working with new and existing clients.

Money Mailer Franchisee Peelu Shivaraju

Peelu Shivaraju

“I couldn’t do my business without them,” says Shivaraju, who has owned his franchise since 2014. “I use them on a weekly basis. I’ll call with some questions or I’ll be out in the field and I’ll need help with something, like I might need a call tracking number for a client. Within minutes, they’ll have it out to me. You know, I just couldn’t do the business without them.”

Janet Galati of Chain O’ Lakes, IL, says Money Mailer’s ability to support franchisees with our well-staffed corporate centers was a big draw.

“If I’m having trouble, like if the artist hasn’t gotten what I think the art should be about, I’ll call my coordinator up and say, ‘Hey, look. I think this is the look and feel my client’s going for, I think they’ve gotten it a little wrong, do you think you can tweak it?’ ‘Absolutely. It will be fixed.’ And 99% of it, they’ll always get right in the first go, but on the 1% chance, every now and then, something isn’t right, they’re there to fix it and take care of it.”

Benefits of in-house support teams

Galati also enjoys the flexibility that comes with owning her own direct marketing franchise with Money Mailer. Sometimes she has high staffing needs. Sometimes she doesn’t. Money Mailer’s support centers help her bridge those gaps.

“One of the things that I’ve really liked about owning my own business is that I can staff or not staff as much as I want,” she says. “Currently, I have one salesperson and two artists. I also have an accountant whom I utilize on a monthly basis. Sometimes I have an assistant when I’m overloaded with telemarketing and other things that I’m doing. Other times I need an accountant or an assistant to help me with invoicing because things are going so well that I don’t want to be working 80 hours a week.”

Determining what those staffing needs are often depends on what the franchisee’s talents are. “I do recommend having a number of people who fill in for the things that you are not good at,” says Galati. “In other words, if you are not good at paperwork, hire the assistant. Don’t sit in the office doing it. If what you’re good at is going out and selling, go out and sell.”

What’s next for Money Mailer

We see a bright future for direct marketing, and to that end we are intent on expanding the Money Mailer brand throughout the U.S. Money Mailer has devised a system that allows franchisees to work cooperatively together and benefit from cross-sales into each other’s territories, so you can rest assured that there will be plenty of business no matter where you establish your Money Mailer franchise.

We’re currently offering a Speed Launch program that will help qualified candidates open a Money Mailer franchise for a very low franchise fee of just $59,900, and a $10,000 discount for candidates with advertising sales experience.

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