A faster route to success: How Money Mailer helps you grow your business

Our franchisee support system gets you started quickly and keeps you on the right track toward success

Taking the leap into franchise ownership is exciting, but that dream can become a nightmare if the franchise you choose to invest in doesn’t have franchisee support you can count on, or if the company is so new they don’t understand what kind of support to provide in the first place.

One thing you can absolutely count on from Money Mailer is experience: Our company’s been around since 1979. The other thing you can count on is franchisee support that’s well above par.

“That’s what sets us apart,” says Mike Tinz, Vice President of Franchise Sales and Training. “That’s what makes us different.”

Money Mailer is a leading direct-mail marketing franchise that helps local businesses grow by bringing in more of the customers they’re looking for. In a growing $41 billion industry, ours is one of the longest-running and most successful direct marketing franchises. That’s due in no small part to our finely tuned support network and the tools and processes we’ve honed over nearly four decades in business.

A young bearded man in a white button-down shirt and grey apron smiles in the open doorway of his cafe. A sign hanging on the glass door says, “Yes, We’re OPEN.”

Money Mailer franchisees help local businesses grow. They keep their clients happy because we make sure to provide a lot of support to our franchisees.

Support Center helps you keep labor costs to a minimum

Money Mailer’s eye-catching envelopes stuffed full of offers from local businesses, usually fronted by a colorful food photo from a nearby restaurant, are sent to affluent homes every month. When clients see results, they immediately get back in touch with their Money Mailer franchisee to sign up for more mailings.

A red, white and blue Money Mailer envelope is surrounded by ad inserts for windows and doors, a car wash, a pizza place and a nail spa.

Thanks to our excellent franchisee support, you won’t be on your own when it comes to designing ads, calling on new clients or doing all the little tasks that need to be done to make your business successful.

But where do those gorgeous graphics come from? And how are franchisees finding all those clients without spending a fortune on outsourced sales? That’s where our Support Center comes in. It includes nearly 50 full-time professionals who provide services such as telemarketing, ad design, and even help managing deadlines. Other support services include:

  • IT support
  • Administrative support
  • Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Art content consultation
  • General Q&A

“You don’t have to be the expert in everything,” says Michael Hernandez, Vice President of Marketing. “We provide the expertise for you. We do everything we can to make sure owning a Money Mailer is an exciting venture, not a stressful one.”

Excellent franchisee support helps you get started

We get you started on the right foot right away with with 9 weeks of active in-territory training.

“It’s a very, very turnkey program; that’s one of the things I love about what we do,” Tinz says. “All of our products, our tools and systems, it’s all field-tested. We actually train franchise owners right in their territory, so no time is wasted.

“During the franchisee’s training period, we demonstrate how our products work, how to use the tools, how to overcome objections, how to ask the right questions, and, best of all, we help them find clients and jumpstart their business.”

We’re committed to making sure franchisees have what they need to succeed.

“We understand the business, from what you need to do every day to what you need to do to build and grow profits for your organization,” says Tinz. “We also want to make sure that when you’re working with local businesses in your territory that you’re providing the best solutions to help them grow.”

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If buying a low-cost franchise, working from home and having more flexibility to achieve work-life balance sounds enticing, we encourage you to explore what our company is all about on our research pages and blog. To start a conversation with one of our franchise development representatives, just fill out the no-obligation form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!