5 Questions with Money Mailer’s CEO

Money Mailer CEO John Patinella talks about our brand’s strategy

With the promotion of our longtime Senior Vice President of Marketing and Franchise Development John Patinella to Money Mailer CEO, this seemed like the ideal time to talk to him about where he’ll be leading the company over the next few years. A one-time Money Mailer franchisee himself, Patinella has 31 years invested in the brand, so he’s been able to hit the ground running.

Money Mailer is a direct marketing franchise with nearly 40 years of experience helping local businesses grow through direct mail. Direct mail marketing continues to get results in our increasingly digital world, and Money Mailer’s smart mix of print and digital amps up the power of local direct marketing. Here, Patinella shares some of his thoughts about our company and how we’re moving forward.

What are your goals for Money Mailer now that you’re CEO?
My first mission is to lead the management team to examine every part of the business – and leave no stone unturned. We need to look at things we should change and improve upon as well as things we need to develop. We’re going to examine every part of this business and ask ourselves a key question: What is healthy for the future of Money Mailer and our franchisees? There’s a lot of growth opportunity in this industry, and with our brand’s leadership position, it’s our responsibility to our franchisees to leverage that and develop Money Mailer to its full potential.

Money Mailer CEO John Patinella

Money Mailer CEO John Patinella

That’s a tall order. What’s your first priority?
Our focus, first and foremost, is going to be on improving franchisee profitability. As I mentioned, the direct marketing industry is strong, viable and projected to expand. There’s a real opportunity there to help our franchisees maximize their earnings potential. Direct mail is the second-largest advertising medium in the country; most people don’t know that. The economy is very strong right now, and the small business market that we cater to is very underserved in the advertising space. They have a great need for what our franchisees do, which is to bring new customers to them and help existing customers spend more at their places of business. Just like our customers, we’ve got to take a look at how to modernize our own business. We already have a healthy mix of digital and print strategies to help our customers grow, but we need to be able to forecast what’s next and get in front of that.

Who is your ideal franchise candidate?
The ideal candidate in my mind is someone who would start out by sharing the same primary goal and objective that we do, which is to help small business owners achieve the American dream. It’s important for us at Money Mailer to ensure that franchisees that we bring in achieve whatever they want out of life, and we want our franchisees to have the same passion we do for their customers, who are also small business owners.

Money Mailer franchisees come from all walks of life. One thing we know is that there’s no specific experience level that they come from. We have franchisees that were former school teachers, franchisees that came from the investment banking industry, we have a former crane operator – all walks of life. But one thing we do know is that they share certain characteristics, things that make them successful in the business like having passion, being personable, having a willingness to go out and meet business owners every day and caring for their customers. They understand that what sets them apart from their competition isn’t necessarily the material product but the knowledge, the service and the expertise that they impart to the clients that they serve every day.
A graphic showing the 7% figure against a green circle with the words, “Annual growth rate of direct mail industry. Source: Inc. magazine”

How else does Money Mailer differ from the competition?
The single biggest thing that we try to get across to people who are looking at our business is that one of the primary differentiators between Money Mailer and the competition is what we put in the envelope. Our goal, our objective, is to put together a mailing of local businesses that consumers want to see – things like personal services, dry cleaners, nail salons, restaurants, all those things that we use as consumers every day.

If we do that and do it effectively, it opens up the window to success, if you will, in the Money Mailer franchise system. If you do that effectively, more people will open the envelope, and the more people who open the envelope, the higher redemption we get for our clients. The better redemption we get for our clients, the more money we can charge and the more money our franchisees can make. That’s a core principle behind what we do, and we really try to impart that to our franchisee prospects and our new franchisees.

How will you use your personal experience to help shape Money Mailer’s future?
I have a long history with this brand. I got started in 1986, pretty much right out of college, when my brother and I bought a Money Mailer franchise in the Chicago suburbs. So, I spent three years as a franchisee before I went to work for one of our master franchisors in the Midwest. I spent 13 years working for Money Mailer in the Midwest, training franchisees, always selling, until the time I left. It ended up being the largest Money Mailer regional office at the time. In 2001, I decided to move my family out to beautiful Southern California and join the corporate team, where I worked closely with the franchise system, growing the franchise, growing circulation and growing ad sales. I have experience from both sides of this business and I understand it inside and out, which will help me shape decisions for the company moving forward.

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